Our Story


We are two young friends, two young enthusiasts, two young people with the idea of making the codes of fine watchmaking accessible to all.

We started this adventure by developing our two custom-made prototypes. Seeing the interest and the effect they produced, we decided to make the greatest number of enthusiasts benefit from them!

We started to be interested in watches about ten years ago. First attracted by "design" watches, we started to acquire some quartz models, without any real knowledge or other purpose than to have something nice on our wrist. A wise and measured first step. After all, we could read the time and have a "nice" accessory, what more could we ask for?

But the hunger was growing, the thirst for more was pressing. What about automatic watches, manual watches, complications? An intriguing jargon, a world that seemed to me not very permeable, complex, and yet.

A few years later, we finally took the plunge with our first automatic watches, an end in itself? More like a revelation!



We quickly realize that our beloved watches, whose main function seems to be to tell the time (at least you will have learned that!), are almost no longer intended to tell us the time. Smartphones and computers do that very well.

But our watches are much more than that, they are jewels on which the seconds tick away, each with its own history. 

Did I lose you? Wonderful! Time remains precious. Is the watch the only jewel of the man? One of the most symbolic without a doubt. A must have!